Top Ways Employers are Breaking Paycheck Laws

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Even though there are payroll laws in place to protect employees, many employers could be quietly breaking the law without attracting attention. Here’s what every employee needs to know about their rights under federal payroll laws.

Employers Must Pay Their Employees Promptly

Although federal law does not dictate how a company needs to arrange its pay schedule, every employee has a right to be paid promptly according to the Fair Labor and Standards Act. Whether you get paid bi-weekly or weekly, your check should be distributed to you in the most recent pay period for the work you have performed. If you have left your employer, you should be paid by your next scheduled payday for the last pay period that you have worked.

Employers Cannot Fire Employees For Garnished Wages

If you have a court-ordered wage garnishment, such as child support, it can be taxing for your employer to deal with. As a result, they may want to terminate your employment. However, it is illegal for your employer to fire you if you have one wage garnishment and you may have a case for wrongful termination. Unfortunately, federal law does not offer protection for more than one wage garnishment. If you’ve been fired for wage garnishments, it’s imperative to contact an employment attorney as soon as possible.

Employers Cannot Punish An Employee Through Docking Pay

When you receive your paycheck, your deductions must be listed. Only certain things can be deducted, such as social security contributions and state and federal taxes. However, it is illegal for an employer to dock an employee’s pay in the state of California for:

  • Poor work performance.
  • Protective equipment required for employees under OSHA.
  • Workers’ compensation premiums - workers’ compensation insurance premiums are the responsibility of the employer.
  • Mistakes such as cash register shortages, breakages or loss of company property.

When You Need an Employment Lawyer

If you think your employer has violated paycheck laws, and you have not been able to solve the problem internally, enlist the assistance of anexperienced employment attorney immediately.

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