5 Important Questions to Ask Your Employment Law Attorney

When it comes to suing your employer over a workplace dispute, you will need an experienced lawyer on your side who is prepared to defend your rights and interests. However, finding the right attorney for your case can be a complicated and confusing task. That is why we want to help you find a suitable lawyer who is capable of taking on your case and securing the outcome you deserve. In this blog, we talk about 5 questions that you should ask your employment law attorney.

Question #1: What Experience Do They Have?

One of the first things you need to find out about the attorney you are interested in hiring is their level of experience with cases that are similar to yours. Ask them about the number of cases they have taken and how many of their cases resulted in a positive outcome. If you aren’t comfortable with the attorney’s level of experience, look around for a more reputable legal representative.

Question #2: What Results Do They Expect?

When you consult with an attorney, ask them about what they think the realistic outcome of your case will be. The attorney should be able to articulately state their assessment and give you a worst-case or best-case scenario. If the attorney gives you a vague or unconvincing response, you need to keep looking for a more competent lawyer.

Question #3: What Do They Need to Evaluate Your Case?

An attorney will need documents and details to give you a realistic assessment of your case. Although no attorney can be absolutely certain of the outcome of your case, they should be able to explain how they will assist you throughout the legal process and exactly what documentation they will need to build your defense. Also ask what the attorney’s policy is regarding any additional information that is needed for your case.

Question #4: How Much Time Will Be Devoted to Your Case?

It’s important to find an attorney who has the time and resources to handle your case in addition to their usual workload. Ask the attorney about their legal team and what services their employees perform to assist with cases. Find out if you will be working with the attorney directly or if you will mostly be working with their associates. Lawyers are very busy, which is why it is crucial that you find out if they have the necessary support to handle your case.

Question #5: Ask About Your Other Options?

Sometimes it is better to negotiate a settlement instead of taking your case to trial. How an attorney approaches a case is important because you want to make sure they are looking out for your interests. Find out about other options that can be used to resolve your legal dispute before moving forward with a lawsuit.

Hollister Employment Law Attorneys

At Polaris Law Group, we are committed to helping employees who have been mistreated by their employers. If your rights have been violated by your employer, we can help you take legal action. Our attorney focuses solely on employment law cases and has been helping clients in Hollister for more than 20 years. Let us put our skills and resources to work for you today.

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