Senator Warren Pledges to Expand Worker Rights If President

Will Senator Warren Expand Worker Rights?

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts is running her Presidential election campaign with an intentional focus on the working class. She has promised her becoming the next President of the United States (POTUS) would mean expanded worker protections and rights, as well as more support for labor unions. The groundwork of her plan would rely on executive actions, legislation moved through Congress, and federal agency involvement. Warren also said she would only fill a Supreme Court vacancy with someone who was a supporter of the working class, should a vacancy occur during her Presidency.

What does her plan actually mean for the average worker who is employed by a major corporation or large employer, though?

Establishing Connections Between Workers & Directors

Part of Senator Warren’s plan is to pass and integrate the Accountable Capitalism Act (ACA), which has acted as a major part of her political career for years. ACA would require at least 40% of a corporation’s directors to be chosen by employees, among other changes. Making nearly half of a board of directors direct advocates for the workers on the ground floor would, in theory, would like provide furthered and clearer protections for employees in those corporations.

For example, company-wide downsizing would be less likely under the ACA, as a significant portion of the directors would be less inclined to make cuts at the root of the company. Instead, it could encourage boards of directors to find different ways to cut spending and save profits, perhaps by reducing top-level benefits and bonuses.

Other Protections for Employees Under a Warren Presidency

Additionally, Senator Warren would like to see a nationwide suppression of noncompete clauses, which she views as an unjust limiter on the individual employee. If you are under a noncompete clause and get terminated by your employer, then you could be out of luck in finding gainful employment in your state or region due to the clause’s limitations.

Perhaps most notably and importantly, Warren has expressed her intentions of fighting employee misclassification. Major companies from all types of industries – ranging from Uber and UPS to Google – have been in recent news headlines for misclassifying employees as independent contractors to limit the pay and benefits they receive through the company. With higher control of employment definitions coming from the White House, it could mean real, positive change for employees of large businesses across the country.

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