A federal measure is currently in action called The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN). This offers employees some protection if a plant is expected to close or will need to conduct mass layoffs. California is one of the states that has laws that require employers to give their employees enough notice of an impending layoff.

Which Employers Are Covered?

Under The WARN Act, the company must have at least 100 employees who work 4, 000 collective hours or more each week. A full-time employee is defined as someone who puts in at least 20 hours per week and have been employees for at least six months prior to the WARN notice. Employers are covered, provided that their company has at least 75 employees.

Note, however, that not every employer is covered under WARN, as this only refers to layoffs of a significant number of the employees or if the company is expecting to close its doors. Employees should be giving their employees as much notice in advance as possible. Understandably, some circumstances are out of the employer’s control, as a business can shut down without notice for any number of reasons. It may be due to financial struggle, bankruptcy, and even filing for bankruptcy.

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