Wrongful Termination Laws: What You Need to Know


Do you believe your termination was unlawful? How do you determine this? Most employers have an “at-will” employment policy, which means that the company reserves the right to let go of employees at any moment’s notice, without reason. If you have been terminated, you may have a case worth pursuing. Attorney Marder can investigate the details of your case and determine whether or not the termination was lawful or not

Reasons for Wrongful Termination

There are many reasons why employees believe they have a lawsuit on their hands when they have been terminated. Managers must take care to attended to their workers’ needs: setting goals, giving feedback, and providing room for the employee to grow. Management-employee relations all boil down to communication. Without this, employees who have been terminated experience many emotions, and turn to employment attorneys for legal support.

These are some of the largest motives behind wrongful termination lawsuits:

  • Employer does not give a reason for termination
  • Employer fires employee for “bad performance,” when the employee has performed well
  • Employer violates their HR or company policies
  • Discrimination and failure to respond promptly
  • Failing to investigate thoroughly into employee complaints
  • Employer fires employee after the employee reports unlawful or illicit activity. This is also called a whistleblower violation.

Have you experienced wrongful termination? Let Attorney Bill Marder review your case! As a Hollister employment lawyer, he has represented numerous clients who have been terminated from their job exercise their legal rights. With an impressive track record of success and a steadfast dedication to his clients, he is ready to bring you justice.

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