Should I Be Getting Paid If I was Temporarily Laid Off Due to COVID-19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of employers and employees across the country. Thousands have been temporarily laid off until local authorities allow businesses to reopen. While companies remain closed, workers are being affected financially. Many employees are left to wonder if they should be getting paid while they are temporarily laid off. Our Monterey County employment law attorneys explain your rights regarding pay when laid off in the state of California.

Should My Employer Continue to Pay Me While Temporarily Laid Off?

It is not required for an employer to pay workers who have been temporarily laid off. However, if you were temporarily laid off, then you have a right to be paid all of your earned wages, including all accrued vacation time on the day you are laid off. You can keep your vacation for later use if you wish to do so.

Many employers decided to continue the employment relationship by offering furlough. This is when employers continue to provide their workers with health insurance, disability insurance, retirement, and other benefits. If this is the case, employers don’t have the right to claim accrued vacation pay. If your employer wishes to separate the employer and employee relationship you can request unpaid wages.

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