Protection from Retaliation in the Workplace

State and federal legislators established laws to protect workers from retaliation in the workplace. While most individuals are well aware that there are laws that protect employees from discrimination, they also California law defines retaliation as “any adverse employment action resulting from an individual opposing practices prohibited by the FEHA.”

The Legal Definition of Retaliation

Retaliation means that the employer punishes the employee for speaking out against an action or company policies that are within the legal rights of the employee.

It may include actions such as a reduction in pay grade, reassignment to another shift or title, or a demotion. It may also extend to disciplinary actions, demotions, and even terminations.

What Do You Need for a Retaliation Lawsuit?

After filing a complaint, did your employer terminate your position, change your shift, or force you to relocate? Sometimes employers do not even realize their actions are retaliatory.

In other instances, you may begin noticing that your work environment has changed dramatically, adversely affecting you. Ask yourself if your job duties have changed and have they had a negative or effect on your job? Are you experiencing more harassment or unstable working conditions because you were reassigned?

Every piece of evidence you have to support claims of retaliation is critical to building the strongest case possible. Hollister employment lawyer, Bill Marder, is an experienced legal advocate and knows what to look for in these cases. Document every incidence of retaliation, especially immediately following your initial complaint.

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If you believe that you have a retaliation case, you should consult with our attorney at Polaris Law Group. Bill Marder can help inform you of your rights and advise you about the next steps to take.

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