California Fair Pay Act Signed in California

On October 6, 2015, the California Fair Pay Act was passed and is set to take effect in January 2016. This law is an expansion of the 1949 Equal Pay Act. The disparity between the salaries for women versus men has always been disproportionate. In 2014, the National Women’s Law Center discovered that, on average, a woman makes 84 cents for every dollar that a man will earn.

Discrimination in the Workplace

In California, employers were expected to pay both men and women the same amount if each is performing the same duties and responsibilities and are working in the same location. The California Pay Act will modify this slightly. Now, men and women performing “substantially similar” work should receive the same pay.

Other important points you should know about California Fair Pay Act:

  • All employees are encouraged to discuss wages with their employers
  • Employers will not be allowed to retaliate against employees for discussing wages
  • Employers have the burden of proving that an employee’s pay difference is due to factors such as quality of work, seniority, and qualifications for the position

Many of us spend the majority of our days at our job. Not only do we deserve to work that is safe, but also free of harassment, bullying, and discrimination. Have you experienced workplace discrimination due to unfair wages, gender, or other unlawful actions? There are times when the discrimination can be unintentional, but the employer is still responsible for creating the climate.

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