What Is Considered a Hostile Work Environment?

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Working with a rude boss or coworkers, failure to qualify for a promotion, or the lack of privileges can make your workplace uncomfortable. But how do you know if your workplace is considered hostile? For a workplace to be considered hostile, certain legal criteria must be met. Our Monterey County employment law attorneys explain what is considered a hostile work environment.

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How Do I Know If My Work Environment Is Considered Hostile?

A hostile work environment is often created by a boss or coworker, whose actions make doing your job impossible. However, a coworker who talks loudly or constantly disrupts you to gossip could make your work environment uncomfortable, but it doesn’t create a legally defined hostile work environment. Their actions, behavior, or communication must also be discriminatory. In most cases, a hostile work environment results in a worker discriminated against due to the following reasons:

Therefore, a boss or coworker who demonstrates discriminatory behavior for any of the reasons listed above is creating a hostile work environment. Even if the comments are casual or played as jokes, they can still be considered employment discrimination.

Do I Have a Legal Hostile Work Environment Case?

Discriminatory behavior in the workplace is a major contribution to a hostile work environment case. To present a legal case against a hostile work environment, your boss’ or coworkers’ behavior must also be pervasive, lasting over time, and not limited to a one-time remark. It’s also important to present these actions to your Human Resources department to demonstrate that you’ve taken action against these issues.

The problem must also become a significant issue for you and your work performance. You must also demonstrate that the issues were not investigated or addressed effectively enough by the organization to stop the hostile environment and discriminatory behavior. In many cases, those dealing with a hostile work environment discover that it interferes with their ability to receive a promotion or to progress in the company. These are all reasons that can help you obtain the compensation you deserve if your employer hasn’t taken action to eliminate a hostile work environment.

Can I Get Fired for Filing a Work Discrimination Case?

Retaliation from your employer is illegal, and they could face serious penalties for firing a worker who files an employment discrimination case, especially in a case where you have reported the behavior to a manager or supervisor, or even to the HR staff. They also can’t retaliate against you as payback for reporting their inappropriate behavior. If your employer does retaliate against you for filing a hostile work environment claim, our team of attorneys can help you.

Experienced Monterey County Attorneys for Hostile Work Environments

Whether your employer has released you unfairly or has discriminated against you, our team at Polaris Law Group is here to help you. Our team of Monterey County employment law attorneys has a complete understanding of the various federal and state laws that protect you against your employer and against being in a hostile work environment. When you hire our team, you can rest assured that we will provide you with the personalized and effective legal solutions that you need.

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