How Do You Know If Your Employer is Retaliating Against You?

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California workers have state and federal laws that protect them against workplace harassment, including retaliation. While some forms of retaliation are easy to spot, others aren’t. Our Monterey County employment law attorneys explain what is legally considered workplace retaliation, and what you can do to protect your rights.

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What Is Workplace Retaliation?

If your employer has punished you for engaging in activities that are protected under state and federal law, then you have been subjected to workplace retaliation. Under California law, workplace retaliation is unlawful if your employer punishes you for protected activities, such as reporting illegal conduct, refusing to engage in unlawful conduct, reporting fraud, filing a wage, or discrimination claim.

While employees are protected against wrongful termination, it is much harder to find legal remedies for those who have been subject to at-work retaliation. Knowing how to spot the signs of workplace retaliation may give you the insight you need to regain the peaceful environment you deserve.

You might be the target of workplace retaliation if you:

  • Were wrongfully terminated
  • Notice negative performance reviews when your previous reviews were positive
  • Have been excluded from staff meetings
  • Notice a reduction in your salary or wages
  • Have been continually overlooked for raises, promotions, or desired assignments
  • Are forced to do more demanding work without suitable pay
  • Have been forced to relocate or deny the desired relocation

These forms of retaliation are less obvious to see, which can cause a hostile work environment that forces the worker to quit. They also lead to further forms of workplace abuse, such as racial discrimination or sexual harassment. These are not circumstances that anyone should have to endure; that’s why our experienced California attorneys are here to help you get the compensation you deserve.

What Are My Options?

There are several avenues for damages you can recover if you plan to pursue a case for workplace retaliation.

  • Emotional distress: These types of damages include any suffering in response to an experience caused by the negligence or intentional acts of another individual or group. Emotional distress has the potential to impose temporary or lasting effects on the mind of an individual that prove to be damaging.
  • Punitive Damages: These damages are designed to punish the defendant as well as award the plaintiff on top of the compensatory damages.
  • Lost wages/benefits and back pay: These damages are designed to give back the wages you have lost (and sometimes more) as a result of workplace retaliation.

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It’s one thing to discuss workplace retaliation, but an entirely different matter to experience them. No one deserves to be treated with disrespect in the workplace, and our attorneys at Polaris Law Group are committed to making sure you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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