What Are My Rights If I’m Worried About Going to Work Due to the Coronavirus?

a pharmacist wearing a medical mask

The current health crisis and the rapid spread of COVID-19 have left many employees afraid to go back to work. With the risk of exposure on the rise, many employees are going to work concerned for their health. If you’re worried about going into work because you fear of getting exposed to COVID-19, you may be wondering if your employer can make you come into work. The Monterey County employment attorneys at Polaris Law Group explain if employers can or cannot make employees go into work during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Can My Employer Make You Go to Work During COVID-19 Outbreak?

The answer truly depends on the type of job you have. If your local government defines your role as “essential” during this time, you may have to go into work to protect your job. For example, if you are a pharmacist, a sanitation worker, or a transportation worker, your employer can ask you to go to work even with the current COVID-19 outbreak. During the pandemic, employers are obligated to provide health protections for their essential employees.

Local authorities are in charge of decided which businesses are essential during a health crisis. In most cases, essential businesses include grocery store workers, food laborers, public transportation, medical staff, and utility companies. Local authorities also consider government workers and law enforcement essential.

If you’re a non-essential worker, then you are within legal grounds to stay home. Since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires workplaces to offer environments free from recognized hazards, you are entitled to ask to work from home.

Experienced Monterey County Employment Law Attorneys

With over 25 years of experience in employment law, our team is here to help you if you believe your employer is asking you to go into work in an unessential business. If you are asked to go to work, but your employer isn’t following the required health and safety guidelines, you may be entitled to file a claim against your employer. If your employer has wronged you, our team is here to fight for your best interests. Our team works tirelessly to help you achieved your desired outcome.

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