Employee Rights Against Workplace Retaliation

People spend more of their time at work than they do at home, so it’s important to feel comfortable in your place of employment. While no one deserves to work in a hostile environment, unfortunately, many employees are forced to endure acts of retaliation after a negative situation occurs. This can make the workplace a less than desirable place to be. To stay protected against employers who practice retaliation, here’s what every employee should know.

What is Workplace Retaliation?

Workplace retaliation happens when an employer acts against an employee for filing a complaint about discrimination, harassment, or any illegal company wrongdoings.

Workplace Retaliation Warning Signs

Some warning signs that employer may be retaliating against an employee may include:

  • Firing/wrongful termination
  • Negative performance reviews
  • Unwarranted disciplinary action
  • Demotions
  • Reducing pay
  • Passing up the employee for a deserved promotion

What to Do If You’ve Been Retaliated Against

The first thing to do is to speak to your supervisor or human resources department about how you’ve been experiencing retaliation. If your employer cannot give you a solid reason as to why any aspect of your employment has changed or has not resolved the issue, you may have no other way to rectify the problem internally, and you may have no other recourse than to seek legal action.

How an Employment Lawyer Can Help With Your Retaliation Case

Employment law is complex, and proving workplace retaliation can be challenging without fulling understanding how the law works. An employment attorney can help you build your case by asking the right questions, examining the facts and other information to prove you’ve been retaliated against. Your lawyer will also be proactive in finding problems with your case to take the best possible approach.

If you or a loved one has been retaliated against at work, you have the right to pursue legal action and get the compensation you deserve for damages that may include back pay, loss of wages, lost benefits and emotional distress. Contact Polaris Law Group today at (888) 796-4010 to learn more about your employment rights.